Cyathus Exquirere is a pharmaceutical company incorporated in the year 2000 in Vienna, Austria. Actually the head office of Cyathus is located in the town boundary of Vienna, in Korneuburg, Austria.
At the very beginning our main focus was the research and development of high quality products for their sponsors.

Over the last years we have developed several innovative formulations of known pharmaceutical substances to improve the effectiveness, thus ensuring a positive impact on patient care and enhancing their quality of life.

In the last years we have changed our focus. We have also been developing products for our own portfolio. Some of the products have been sold to pharmaceutical companies, others have been licensed to partners.
We are today, a growing pharmaceutical company and our primary strategy is to continue licensing out our unique products worldwide.



My team is built of passionate, energetic people who are keen for the journey and ready to take on a challenge.

Dr. Iervant Zarmanian

Company founder



Our success is due to our motivated team, our innovative products and our fantastic partners.

Mag.pharm. Federico Rosado

Business&Marketing Development



The work life balance in our smart company is fantastic. New ideas are always welcome.

Ms. Mira Vukelic



We are a group of professionals with extensive experience acquired in the international pharmaceutical framework.
At Cyathus, we believe the great relationship amongst our team is an integral part of our success.

Our team consists of 10 colleagues covering all necessary departments (management, legal, regulatory, accounting, marketing, business development etc.), three to five crazy dogs, an old Italian coffee machine and a  few withered flowers.



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